It all adds up…

I was walking to the shops one afternoon with my daughter, as I do, when I had a sudden realisation: if I had spent my life taking advantage of little chunks of time here and there to pursue my goals, I’d probably have achieved a lot more. Obvious, I know, but as someone who tends to want to enact major change in ideal (time-plentiful) circumstances, I’m going to take this as a kick in the ass from my brain. There are no time-plentiful, ideal circumstances (particularly not as a parent), but those ten-minute dashes and small daily rituals all have the potential of adding up to something fantastic.

I know I’m not alone in this. All those people in the States who don’t vote because their vote “doesn’t matter”… Well, it does matter. Everything we do matters. The impact may be small now, but in the long run, our actions become significant. They shape the world, and they fundamentally change us.

This is a very roundabout way of getting to a political message, but hey, that’s the way my mind works. If you’re Australian who is eligible to vote, I urge you to vote in the postal plebiscite when it arrives at your doorstep shortly.

I will personally be voting yes, because I strongly believe in marriage equality. As an immigrant to Australia, I have always been impressed by how willing most people here are to treat everyone fairly and equitably, and I see a yes vote as an affirmation of one of the best parts of Australian society. Hopefully, eventually, it will lead to an actual change in law. (Every little step counts, right?)